Appeals procedure

We have rigorous quality control and a robust appeals procedures for anyone who feels they may have been wrongly assessed.

How do we assess applications?

All Registered Risk Practitioner (RRP) applications are allocated to nominated assessors on a random basis.

Our assessors will apply a set process, as appropriate, to each and every application including:

  • Evaluating individual applications against assessment criteria
  • Seeking further information or elaboration regarding information submitted (as appropriate)
  • If necessary, confer and/or seek advice from other assessors
  • Complete an assessment sheet indicating the success or otherwise of each application
  • Forward their decision to ALARM to notify the relevant individual.

A representative of ALARM may contact academic institutes, training providers and conference/workshop organisers to confirm details regarding qualifications and content as required.

Form complete transparency, a random number of applications are quality checked independently - so rest assured your application is in safe hands. This is done to both ensure consistency in the approach of our assessors, and as a quality control measure.

Separate to the nominated assessors, ALARM has a formal RRP appeals panel. This comprises of the Chairman (or nominee) and the Legal Advisor. This panel is responsible for assessing any applications or renewals from nominated assessors and indeed addressing any appeals from applicants who feel they may have been wrongly assessed.

The appeals procedure

1. An appeal must be submitted in writing, addressed to: ALARM (RRP Appeals Panel), Unit B, Ulysses Park, Heron Road, Exeter Devon. EX2 7PH

2. Appeals must be submitted within 28 days of receipt of the ALARM letter advising the applicant that they have been unsuccessful. Unless the applicant can prove otherwise, receipt of the letter will be deemed to be two days after the date stated on the official ALARM letter.

3. The applicant must supply all relevant contact details, including: name, address and telephone numbers to facilitate contact during working hours.

4. The applicant must clearly state why they feel the decision is unjust, and provide any evidence, as applicable, to support their appeal.

5. Only one appeal will be permitted in respect of any individual application.

6. In order to fully consider the appeal, the panel may, at their sole discretion, seek further advice or information. The panel may contact employers, academic institutes, training providers or conference and workshop organisers, as appropriate, to confirm relevant application details.

7. Applicants will be notified in writing of the appeal panel’s decision within 30 days of the date of receipt of the notice of appeal.

8. The decision of the appeals panel is final.

Any questions?

If you have any queries relating to RRP, please speak to our friendly team today.

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