ALARM launches guide to risks arising from new service delivery models

Wednesday 21 September 2016

As organisations identify opportunities and facilitate the management of risks from the public sector response to ongoing austerity measures and subsequent transformation, more questions are asked. In response, ALARM has published a new guide entitled New ventures, new risks: ALARM guide to the risks arising from new service delivery models in the public sector, which aims to assist members during these times of change.

New ways of working and in particular, new models of service delivery, whether frontline services or back office, present some of the most challenging risk management issues today. The Guide therefore discusses the opportunities that can be realised for the public sector in using a variety of service delivery models, summarises the type of models that are in use and being developed, and identifies a set of the most common risks in the specific risk categories together with insurance management considerations.

The Guide concludes with three key messages for ALARM members:

  • Be highly visible and enabling, rather than a negative force in the organisation.
  • Be ever vigilant as to what the organisation is planning and respond with appropriate interventions in a timely fashion.
  • Continue to be open to new risks and champion the concept of ‘doing it right, not putting it right’.

Austerity presents great opportunities for ALARM members to demonstrate the worth of their skills as they assist their organisations in steering through the opportunities and challenges that austerity brings to the public sector. View the New ventures, new risks guide.

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