Housing - 2018 Sector Risk Profile

Thursday 18 October 2018

The Regulator of Social Housing has released the 2018 Sector Risk Profile. Data and safety monitoring, and value for money are identified as new and important risks.

An essential document for all housing providers, the 2018 Sector Risk Profile summarises key issues for registered providers, plus the regulator’s view on changes to the wider risk environment.

Updated from July 2017, the 2018 Sector Risk Profile provides insight on the focus of the regulator, as well as hints and tips for boards to consider when assessing risk appetite. It provides an opportunity to benchmark internal control frameworks to quantify why risks feature on strategic or operational risk registers.

Health and safety - a top risk

Following on from last year’s revision, health and safety, and data and safety monitoring are identified as top risks. Housing providers need confidence in how stock is being managed and ensure the safety of tenants. Diversification, treasury management, liquidity and income management also feature prominently on the list of issues for boards to consider.

Using the Sector Risk Profile

Chris Walker’s my view blog highlights the degree of risk facing providers. It is crucial that this is understood, accepted and stress tested by Boards and wider management teams to bring risk management to life and to inform strategic decision-making.

Chris Walker, Chair, ALARM says: “the 2018 Sector Risk Profile is an invaluable resource for those working in the housing sector. It gives insight into issues the regulator has identified through a programme of in-depth assessments. It can be a powerful tool for boards and management when considering risk frameworks and appetite.”

Look out for Autumn stronger, available on 18 October, which features a state of the nation view from the Regulator of Social Housing.

Go to the 2018 Sector Risk Profile for further insight.

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