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Wednesday 12 December 2018

We have launched stronger housing, a special ALARM publication specifically for the social housing sector. This technical journal has been created with registered provider risk management in mind. It is a small collection of some of the housing articles that have previously appeared in ALARM's quarterly journal, previously called Public RM, now known as stronger

In this issue you will find articles on:

  • Housing regulator's state of the nation
  • Insight into customer risk
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Modern methods of construction
  • Organisational mergers
  • GDPR - from mapping to sharing. 

Chris Walker, Chair, ALARM: "I may be Chair of ALARM but my day job is in housing. As a sector rarely out of the news I know it is essential for providers to manage risks and unlock opportunities for their residents and communities. These articles provide insight into the experiences of practitioners working to achieve this."

stronger housing is available for full members to download now

If you would like to contribute to stronger, or would like to see a topic covered in its pages, please contact the Editor

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