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Risk management standard
What does risk management look like?

It is a rapidly developing area and, as you'd expect, there is a wide range of varied opinions and indeed descriptions of just what is involved when it comes to risk management.

We feel passionately that a sector-wide standard is needed to ensure the following is agreed for professionals across the UK:

  • Terminology and language used
  • The risk management process
  • Organisational structure for risk management
  • An objective for risk management

We were part of an extensive consultation with a range of major risk management organisations from across the UK to create this standard.

By adhering to the elements listed in this helpful document, organisations can ensure they are compliant and operating in line with best practice in a traceable, measurable way.

National performance model for public services
What does good risk management look like?

So, just what does good risk management look like in a public service organisation? We developed our model to answer this very question.

We were keen to tap into the vast experience of risk managers, consultants and other experts from across the UK to develop our performance model, clearly mapping out risk management.

As industry experts our model allows member organisations to:

  • Measure current performance against a recognised achievement level
  • Provide the basis for key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Drive improved performance from within
  • Inform assurance in corporate governance terms
  • Demonstrate maturity of both external inspection expectations (alongside national and international standards)
  • Allow for comparison with others
  • Learn from best practice

The framework can be used to undertake quick health checks using the indicators outlined within the summary of progress to ascertain their current risk management maturity level.

Core competencies
What does good risk management look like?

Our framework was developed to provide risk managers in organisations serving communities and citizens.

This helpful framework allows you to enhance understanding of the knowledge, functions and skills needed by contemporary professionals in risk, with the aim of improving the application across the UK - avoiding unnecessary duplication in both effort and waste of resources.

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