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Insuring buildings and contents for blue light organisations is a relatively straightforward proposition. The challenges arise when insurers are asked to insure speed cameras, show money (cash and property seizures flowing from the proceeds of crime) as well as cryptocurrency.  

All these factors need to be carefully considered so the cover is woven together to leave no gaps and to make sure the insured has the correct level of cover. 

In this webinar, Philip Farrar, National Development Director at Risk Management Partners (RMP), considers the causes, costs and patterns of material damage and business interruption claims of the blue light sector using the RMP/AIG reservoir of claims data from 2004. Philip will also explore the challenges of writing material damage covers for blue light services, why they are attractive risks to the insurance market and future issues. 

JULY 2020

In our latest webinar, Catherine Souter, Barrister at Parklane Plowden Chambers explores the potential claims including: claims for infection arising from negligent exposure, failure to provide PPE, physical and psychological injury arising out of re-allocated or additional duties and claims for occupational stress and harassment.

Catherine focuses on employers’ liability, public liability and occupiers’ liability claims, but the discussion is relevant to all sectors. The duties owed by defendants are explained and a number of practical steps identified to facilitate compliance, particularly when employees return to work, visitors return to premises and businesses begin to return to a 'new normal'. Tactical considerations are then identified to ensure that defendants are in the best position to defend any claims which may ensue.

There is then a general discussion on the wider implications of COVID-19, including on the valuation of claims and specific heads of loss, a likely increase in fraudulent and exaggerated claims, 'COVID-19 excuses' and the impact of inevitable delay on the litigation process.

JULY 2020

In this webinar Rory Jackson, Partner and Helen Snowball, Partner at Kennedys provides an update on the national redress scheme in Scotland.

JULY 2020

In this webinar Ollie Dent, Partner at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on cyber issues.


JULY 2020

In this webinar Mandy Williams, Senior Associate, Alex Estcourt, Associate and Vicky Strathern, Senior Associate at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on employees' liability and public liability.

JULY 2020

In our latest webinar, Gabriel Fay, Parter at DWF LLP explores the risks and potential claims that may arise as a result of tree subsidence. Gabriel reviews environmental policy and financial consideration for local authorities once causation has been established in tree root subsidence cases. He then considers a potential solution for maintaining a treed environment whilst at the same time protecting the public purse. In the second part of the webinar, discussion is directed at the risk management impact in respect of local authorities' tree stock following the case of Cavanagh v Witley Parish Council and the likely approach taken by the courts in future in respect of tree collapse resulting in personal injury and property damage.

Fraud and COVID-19
July 2020

In this webinar Katherine Totty, Partner at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on fraud.

Education and COVID-19
July 2020

In this webinar Joy Middleton, Partner, Kathryn Oldfield, Partner and Louise Bedford, Partner at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on education.

Defective premises, repairs and COVID-19
July 2020

In this webinar Rob Ashurst, Senior Associate, Mandy Williams, Senior Associate and Chris Hale, Associate at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on defective premises and repairs.

Social care and COVID-19
July 2020

In this webinar Helen Snowball, Partner and Louise Bedford, Partner at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on social care.

Care homes and COVID-19
July 2020

In this webinar Danny McShee, Partner at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on care homes.

The volunteer army and COVID-19
July 2020

In this webinar Kathryn Oldfield, Partner, Vicky Strathern, Senior Associate and Daniel Couldrey, Associate at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on The Volunteer Army.

Highways maintenance and COVID-19 restrictions
July 2020

In this webinar Mandy Williams, Senior Associate and Steven Elliott, Associate at Kennedys discusses COVID-19's impact on highways maintenance.

Building protection into social housing developments
June 2020

The UK Government has recently announced plans to ease lock down measures, and has encouraged some sectors to slowly return to work. Following on from his recent news article, David Mayor, Partner at Forbes Solicitors provides an update on essential COVID-19 protection measures for owners and operators of construction sites. David reviews obligations of social housing providers at keeping their employees and contractors safe. He also considers the potential risks to employees and third parties returning to work, as well as risks to the business. David provides a summary of guidance issue by the UK Government and advises what measures social housing regulators can introduce to keep people safe.

Considers social housing regulations keeping employees safe, potential risks to employees returning to work, risks to third parties business risks, government guidance, and measures that can be put in place.

June 2020

Cyber crime is an ever-changing landscape where criminals have access to more tools than ever. In our latest webinar, Johhty Mongan, Cyber Risk Consultant at Gallagher provides a background into cyber security breaches and how hackers are able to access your organisation's systems. Johnty also explores the potential risks and advises what actions you and your organisation's can take in order to mitigate these risks.

The Government's 25 year environment plan
May 2020

In our latest webinar, Ben Standing, Senior Associate from Browne Jacobson discusses the UK Government's 25 Year Environment Plan and the targets the Government has set. Ben also explores the Environment Bill 2020 which considers how these targets will be met. Ben provides an update on the progress of the Bill and what this looks like at a local level for councils, registered providers of social housing and other public service organisations.

Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 update
April 2020

In this webinar, Matthew Hyam, Partner at BLM will provide an introduction to the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, how it works and what it potentially means for the housing sector.

Managing weather risks
March 2020

In this webinar Andrew Millard, Public Sector Leader - North and Paul Ramiz, Director Reinsurance at Aon discuss weather risk management and actions councils can take to mitigate and minimise risk and impact on business continuity.

Supply chain vulnerability
February 2020

In this webinar, Carl Dunckley, Risk Consulting Manager at Risk Management Partners discusses supply chain vulnerability and explores the relevant standards and legislation in detail. Carl offers practical advice on resilience management in the supply chain. 

Facilitating a risk workshop
January 2020

In this webinar Alan Ross from Zurich Risk Engineering will discuss how to setup and run a successful risk workshop, outline some of the challenges and pitfalls to avoid and encourage you to think about your facilitation style. 

Risk appetite awareness
September 2019

In partnership with Zurich Municipal, the purpose of this risk appetite webinar is to give risk and insurance managers an insight into why understanding an organisation’s risk appetite is becoming increasingly important in the current risk environment. Rupert and Adam talk through the concepts and principals, the challenges and also the benefits of why steps should be taken to explore this aspect of risk management. Rupert and Adam also discuss developing and maintaining risk appetite frameworks and how this can be done more effectively, striving towards better risk-based decision-making.

Risk Visualisation
May 2019

In this webinar David Shipp, Enterprise Risk Account Manager at Network Rail, provides an overview demonstration of how his risk and control visualisation approach has been developed using SharpCloud and how it is delivering benefit to various levels within the organisation.

Indemnity limits training
August 2018

In this webinar Mark Sangster, Head of Public Sector at Gallagher discusses what to consider regarding setting limits of indemnity when appointing contractors and third parties. 

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