Join us for an online session at 1pm on Wednesday 10 July. In this webinar we consider how early involvement in the police investigation can assist our overall strategy and outcome of the claim.

The landscape of motor prosecutions and sentencing has undergone significant change over recent years, impacting the driver, the employer, and the insurance industry.

The introduction of a new offence of causing serious injury by careless driving in June 2022 and a package of twelve new and revised sentencing guidelines for offenders convicted of motoring offences in England and Wales implemented in July 2023, have seen a further increase in the severity of punishments.

These developments necessitate careful consideration by all stakeholders and underline the importance of early legal advice for drivers facing serious charges. This online session will cover scenarios highlighting the risks, technological developments and strategies you can adopt to secure successful outcomes.

Our expert panel including Counsel will provide insights with recent case examples and explain how our early involvement has impacted not only the criminal proceedings but also the associated civil claim.