21 Mar 2024
by Emily Bateman
What is your role and where do you work?

I am delighted to have become part of the Maven Public Sector team in July 2023, taking on the role of Underwriter alongside a talented group of professionals.

In addition to my responsibilities in underwriting, I've had the opportunity to contribute to the exciting Maven Public Sector brand refresh and the development of our new website. You will see our refreshed brand materials and eye-catching pop-up banners at the Risk Awards Dinner in June.

What is your expertise, specialism or main area of interest?

I have a varied background in the insurance industry, having worked at a Lloyd’s syndicate and a Managing General Agent in London. I started off in marine insurance but transferred over to specialise in casualty & professional indemnity.

My previous role focused on healthcare insurance and digital health. The significance of digital health within insurance cannot be overstated, especially as advancements in technology continue to reshape the healthcare landscape. For instance, telemedicine leverages technology to provide remote care, while artificial intelligence is employed for patient triage through chatbot functionalities. However, it's crucial to address potential challenges, such as ensuring chatbots accurately interpret patient descriptions of symptoms.

I am now eagerly transitioning to focus on the intricacies of the public sector and am looking forward to delving into its unique dynamics and challenges.

Is there a particular aspect of your work you are interested in or passionate about?

I am committed to assisting clients and delivering effective solutions. In the dynamic landscape of insurance, exposures evolve constantly, underscoring the importance of remaining abreast of developments and maintaining adaptability in risk management. It's vital to stay current and flexible to effectively mitigate risks, enabling organisations to sustain seamless operations and deliver their services successfully.

What are you working on currently?

As we approach the final stretch of the business tender season, attention is shifting towards renewals. Thanks to the collaborative efforts within Maven Public Sector and the invaluable support from the team, my first tender season has been remarkably smooth.

Additionally, I recently had the pleasure of attending the ALARM South Conference, where I had a fantastic time connecting with professionals in the public sector market and gaining insights from engaging speakers.

Looking ahead, I've been entrusted with the responsibility of cultivating broker relationships, which will remain a key focus for me in the coming year.

As you read this, I will have embarked on a new chapter of my life, having exchanged vows and taken on the name Mrs Hudson!

What topics and trends are emerging?

Climate change and natural disasters stand out as significant challenges in the realm of property insurance, particularly for public sector organisations. The escalating impact of climate change is exacerbating the frequency and intensity of natural calamities like floods, wildfires and hurricanes. Consequently, insurers are undergoing thorough reassessments of their risk models, pricing strategies, and catastrophe risk management protocols to effectively confront the mounting influence of climate-related risks on insurance portfolios and claim payouts.

Additionally, AI is swiftly revolutionizing the insurance sector, ushering in a new era of innovation and efficiency. The integration of AI technologies is poised to revolutionise various areas of insurance operations. For instance, AI-powered video analytics and facial recognition technologies can enhance public safety by identifying and tracking criminal activity, monitoring crowds, and improving situational awareness for law enforcement agencies. Predictive policing algorithms can analyse crime data to identify high-risk areas and allocate resources proactively to prevent crime and reduce response times. (Find out more in Maven’s article by Adam Bayliss on page 29 of April stronger, out 25 April.)

Overall, AI holds significant promise for transforming public sector organisations by enabling them to deliver more efficient and responsive services while addressing complex challenges and driving innovation. However, careful planning, collaboration, and oversight are essential to maximise the benefits of AI while minimising potential risks and drawbacks.

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