24 May 2022
by Zak Bolton
What is your role and where do you work? 

I am an Underwriting Apprentice for Maven Public Sector. This is a varied and interesting position which is helping me to develop a broad and diverse skillset across both underwriting and account management. The role is a steep learning curve to extensive knowledge and a specialism. It provides a great opportunity across numerous areas of insurance: some of which I may wish to specialise in. I’m able to see first-hand which areas best suit my characteristics and strengths, coupled with continual and ongoing development of my knowledge and skills.  

What is your expertise, specialism or main area of interest? 

As an apprentice I have only recently left full time education. This means that I’m still very much progressing through the learning stage of my role. I will be looking to gain a broad understanding of the general insurance industry, while obtaining underwriting knowledge and experience within the public sector market. I’m learning new concepts, disciplines, processes and regulatory requirements. I studied Politics, Business and Psychology, all of which have been very transferable to the working environment.  

Is there a particular aspect of your work you are interested in or passionate about? 

The transfer and pricing of risk through the analysis of underwriting factors and other variants has intrigued me the most. It’s fascinating how such a broad amount of information can assist the underwriting assessment process, with this resulting in an appropriate and equitable transfer of risk for all stakeholders. Increasing my knowledge and experience while making effective use of underwriting tools and data analytics are some of my key development areas throughout my apprenticeship journey.  

What are you working on currently? 

The main focus in recent weeks has been renewals, making sure the end-to-end process occurs smoothly and in accordance with service standards. High levels of collaboration and teamwork have been vital, and I’ve enjoyed contributing to this process in what might be the first of many renewal seasons in the coming years! 

What topics and trends are emerging? 

It is clear we are currently living within a changing and evolving environment. It’s been interesting to see the diverse nature of the developments and challenges that are impacting the public sector. It’s also been beneficial to see the way in which public entities adapt and respond to mitigate, as far as possible, against any resultant impact or exposures.

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