29 Jan 2024
by Wayne Rigby
What is your role as an ALARM Board Director and what are your responsibilities?

Having stood down as President of ALARM at the National Conference in July 2023, my focus now is on the portfolios for Partnerships & Projects, and Conference & Events. I have responsibility for ensuring our relationships with our sponsors and partners remains strong and positive, and lead on ALARM projects such as guidance documents for our members.

Recently I have been leading on a project regarding Social Value in insurance related tenders. We have a working group drawing on experience from the insurance and broking sector, the membership and from organisations running frameworks for the sector. In addition, we have engaged with procurement professionals to gain their insight and experience of Social Value to date. We plan to deliver a good practice guide in 2024.

How long have you been a Board Director and what brought you to the role?

I have been a Board Director for 13 years now. I was encouraged to join the Board after a period of chairing a regional committee in the north of England. When I stood for election, I saw it as an opportunity to develop my personal skills and build on my professional knowledge of the sector.

From the outset of joining the Board, I was keen to ensure ALARM delivered good practice guidance for our members. I have been the project lead and a contributor for many documents we have delivered on topics, including: the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, the Freedom of Information Act 2000, highways claims, children’s services risks, major losses, insurance and procurement.

What do you enjoy most about being a Board Director?

The variety of work and the challenges that it brings. I’ve been lucky to lead on some fantastic projects, and for many years helped in driving the organisation forward. It is always a personal reward when I receive thanks from members and partners, especially because of the huge amount of personal time I commit to ALARM. 

It’s always great to meet new members, especially at events like the National Conference and it is a big boost to see so many people enjoy and benefit from the learning opportunities after so much work has gone into the organisation of it.

What skills and learning have you taken from your role as Board Director?

I think there are a lot of skills that I have gained, that I probably wouldn’t have done so in my day job. These have included developing a business plan and strategy, and the allocation of finance and resources to deliver the objectives with those plans. Negotiation skills as part of maintaining partnerships and managing conflicts. Working as a strategic team, bringing different views together for a united voice. Being a Board Director has also contributed to improving my own personal confidence and resilience.

I have also gained a greater understanding of the sectors we work in, and the variety of roles undertaken by our members. I have a greater understanding of the industry through my close relationships with sponsors and partners.

What is your role in your day job and what are your responsibilities?

I am the Insurance & Claims Manager for City of Doncaster Council, having responsibility for the management of the Council’s insurance arrangements, ensuring the Council’s risks and reputation are adequately covered, and the handling of all claims in-house. In addition, I provide advice and support to another local authority on insurance related matters.

What is the one piece of advice you would offer someone entering your profession?

Join ALARM of course! ALARM provides excellent opportunities to increase your knowledge and understanding of the sector and topical issues and potential solutions. It supports your continuing professional development. Being a member also helps you develop a network of professional, like-minded colleagues, which can be invaluable in sharing best practice.

What would you say to someone considering getting involved in ALARM?

Do it! Get involved at a regional or sector level first, contribute to a guidance document, or deliver a session at National Conference. This will help in gaining a better understanding of the organisation, and the commitment required, which will then one day lead to you having the knowledge and confidence to stand for the Board. Check out the many ways to get involved with ALARM.

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